About Us

LUJ Library provides numerous types of information, research assistance, and quiet study space for members of the LUJ community. Library staff is available during most open hours to help library users with any information issues they may have. In addition to the vast amounts of information and data available in the library and from its databases, students and faculty may request that the library acquire any information sources needed for their research.

Visit the library or contact us at for further information.

Charles Laurier
LUJ Librarian, Charles Laurier.

Library Staff

Charles Laurier has been the LUJ Librarian and Learning Center Coordinator since 2006. He teaches the three research and information skills workshops taken by all LUJ students. He also teaches the Art History II course at LUJ.

Nicklas Black is library assistant at LUJ Library and an LUJ alumnus. He is also coordinator of LUJ Film Society, a monthly film program run by LUJ Library.